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Your company needs his Directors, Managers and teams developing, evolving and changing. The place from where they work is not a barrier anymore.

People working remotely have the same development needs than the ones in the office. But their training and developing opportunities are often not he same.

Also, their challenges increase when they sit on another country or in another city.

To their day to day problems they need to add the difficulty of keeping the pace in a different environment while they manage the specific challenges of their context.


They need training, development and change on the same way than the rest of the people in the company do


Avoid the challenges of geographic dispersion

With our virtual programs you will get your remote people keeping the development level they need to achieve the objectives of the company.

You’ll save transportation and lodging costs, no need to move to another location to follow training and development programs.

You’ll help them reaching their goals without affecting their daily operations.


  • Individual development processes to work on critical skills.
  • Group support for teams with specific problems.
  • Group process for Managers of different areas with similar challenges.



1- Discovery

We work with the individual and his context to discover necessary actions.

2- Training

We involve the individual or team in his change process. They get equipped with tools that help them achieve their objectives.

3- Follow up

We support them during all the proces. They are not alone and receive help to implement the change.

4- Results

Real change happens. Aligned with company’s objectives.


Start now to contribute to the development

of your remote Leaders and teams

Summary of



Let all the Leaders and teams of your company have the same development opportunities without having to travel and spend big amounts of money while having them out of their daily operations for a period of time.

Remove the geographic barrier for once with our virtual programs and achieve tangible results.

We monitor and execute follow up using the “Promote” platform. Leaders and teams will leverage this state of the art tool to achieve the change.


  • 96% of participants achieve new and improved behaviors.
  • 91% of participants improve their commitment with company results.
  • 75% of participants realize that Promote helps them achieve company results.
  • 86% of participants apply new knowledge and tools at the end of the program. Four times more than the average training program.

Intiva is ready to walk with you in this challenge


  • Specialized in Leadership development.
  • REAL change, measurable and targeted to results.
  • Follow up. We support leaders during their change.
  • Satisfied clients both with national and international companies.
  • Experienced in roles like yours, we have been Leaders before discovering that our real passion is to help other Leaders. We apply that experience on each and everyone of our programs.
  • Our programs are scored very highly by participants. Excellent feedback.

Yes, I want to develop my remote Leaders and teams

Some of the questions we recieved from our potential clients

How can I be sure that this is going to  bring me to the change I need for my company or my team?

Achieving results is in our DNA, we do Leadership development because of we are convinced is the best path to real change. We’ll discuss your context and will reach an agreement about the goals which are REALLY achievable.

Our programs include follow up, one of the keys to real change.


I fear this is going to need too much time from myself or my team

Change is impossible without a time and energy investment. But the decision is always yours. We’ll make a time estimation for your specific case and you’ll decide if this is the better timing.

You can always adjust the objectives or wait for a better opportunity.

My problems are very specific, how can Intiva help me?

The very first thing we’ll do is sitting with you, analyze the situation and agree  on the best program for your case. Even creating a specific one for your situation would be possible.

Our experience makes us comfortable with the most  difficult challenges. First we’ll talk, we’ll propose you our solutions and you’ll decide if they are the ones you need

I think choosing a company bigger than Intiva will be most secure

We understand you very well because of we have been in roles like yours. Keep in mind that the perception of security is very subjective.

Try to find the best option to develop your people, they deserve it and your company needs it. Intiva offers you specialization, focus on results, experience with big companies and high quality.


Will you support me at the end of the course?

We really don’t like to call “courses” our interventions. We prefer to call them programs and one of the reasons is because of they always include follow ups.

Anyhow the answer is yes.

When the program ends is when the change starts and we want to stay with you, help during the implementation of the desired changes and monitor the results.

I would like to talk with some of your clients

Of course, we just need you contacting us and we’ll make that possible.


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of your remote people


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