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Leverage our Leadership development programs with follow up until you’ll reach real change aligned with your objectives.

But you should do it with common sense, you can not apply the same method to somebody that is managing people, services and process for ten years than to somebody that is just new on the job.

Both will have different motivations, they’ll face the problems from different angles and their interpersonal skills would have developed at different speeds.

Keeping this in mind we have prepared three programs, you just have to pick the one that better fits with the problems you are trying to solve.

And don’t forget our flexibility. We are sure we can work with you to develop the perfect program for your context.




Sustainable and measurable performance improvement.

Let data speak…

Succes rate: 95%

This program is targeted towards experienced Leaders with people responsibilities.

They will progress and we’ll support them during their change process to make the change sustainable. We’ll measure the results.

We’ll help them to develop skills like: communication, culture, leadership, people development, influencing…

Using a proven methodology. Used already with more than 11,000 leaders from important companies at national and multinational level.



· Improves success changes of new Leaders and their integration speed.

· Develops key skills for the new role aligned with the strategic objetives of the company.

Do you remember when you took a managing role for the first time? Great excitement and the feeling that you are in charge.

But, very soon, you realize that you need help.

It makes sense. The abilities and skills for the new role are not the same that brought you there.

This program is intended for recently, or going to be, promoted Leaders.


  1. Identify key skills
  2. Alignment with organizational objectives
  3. Involvement of the person with the change
  4. KPIs establishment
  5. Group follow up
  6. Individual follow up



· Resolve weak spots deficiencies.

· Focus on interpersonal skills.

We all would like to be the perfect leader, the one that understands and executes all the leadership skills to perfection.. Reality is we all have weaknesses.

This program improves those abilities where the Leader needs specific development. The Leader will learn from a didactic, innovative and entertaining focus which will help the absorption of the new skills.

We train them in skills like:

  • Smart communication
  • Decision making
  • Conflict management
  • Team management

At the end of this program, the leader will have improved those areas with deficiencies which will enable him to leverage his own resources as well as those of the people he is managing.


Leadership development solutions for each reality



For experienced leaders, guaranteed success.



Increases chances of success in the new role



Improves weak spots and let them shine

With the advantages you’ll always enjoy with Intiva:


  • Specialized in Leadership development.
  • REAL change, measurable and targeted to results.
  • Follow up. We support leaders during their change.
  • Satisfied clients both with national and international companies.
  • Experienced in roles like yours, we have been Leaders before discovering that our real passion is to help other Leaders. We apply that experience on each and everyone of our programs.
  • Our programs are scored very highly by participants. Excellent feedback.

Start the road to the real change

Some of the questions we recieved from our potential clients

How can I be sure that this is going to  bring me to the change I need for my company or my team?

Achieving results is in our DNA, we do Leadership development because of we are convinced is the best path to real change. We’ll discuss your context and will reach an agreement about the goals which are REALLY achievable.

Our programs include follow up, one of the keys to real change.


I fear this is going to need too much time from myself or my team

Change is impossible without a time and energy investment. But the decision is always yours. We’ll make a time estimation for your specific case and you’ll decide if this is the better timing.

You can always adjust the objectives or wait for a better opportunity.

My problems are very specific, how can Intiva help me?

The very first thing we’ll do is sitting with you, analyze the situation and agree  on the best program for your case. Even creating a specific one for your situation would be possible.

Our experience makes us comfortable with the most  difficult challenges. First we’ll talk, we’ll propose you our solutions and you’ll decide if they are the ones you need

I think choosing a company bigger than Intiva will be most secure

We understand you very well because of we have been in roles like yours. Keep in mind that the perception of security is very subjective.

Try to find the best option to develop your people, they deserve it and your company needs it. Intiva offers you specialization, focus on results, experience with big companies and high quality.


Will you support me at the end of the course?

We really don’t like to call “courses” our interventions. We prefer to call them programs and one of the reasons is because of they always include follow ups.

Anyhow the answer is yes.

When the program ends is when the change starts and we want to stay with you, help during the implementation of the desired changes and monitor the results.

I would like to talk with some of your clients

Of course, we just need you contacting us and we’ll make that possible.


Get started now and discover how to achieve real change with your Leaders

Let’s have a small conversation, you’ll discover a Leadership development model targeted to achieve results for your company.
We are sure you have questions and the best way to solve them is talking.
Our clients are already reaching results and we are very proud of that! Please don’t stay behind using training programs that get forgotten the day after.



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