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Dicover why you need to invest
in Leadership Development

Change is difficult but possible
Find out how

Obtain results
for your company

Leadership development
is a process with

a clear objective:

real and tangible

What you need are processes targeted to achieve real change, not one off events that get forgotten next monday

Our development programs make real the transformation you are going after.

We are developing leaders and teams for years. So we know that reaching a real transformation with impact on the results is not an easy job.

Our experience in the business world and as advisors for the IE Business School has teached us that there are two key components every development program must include:

· Mutual understanding of all the people affected and their contexts on the change.

· An effective follow up which monitors the implementation of the new skills.

We include these two levers on our programs to make them the tools that you need to achieve real strategic change in your company.

All our programs include the three necessary
pillars to achieve the change


Adapted to
your context.


Involving the people with his development process.


Reaching results.
With follows

There can’t be success if the development process is not aligned with the context on which it takes place.

We are very familiar with the problems that block the change

Therefore we’ll work with you to create the best program for your particular situation.

We leverage innovative methodologies to find the root of the problems and their potential solutions.

So we work with the participants to have them taking the responsibility and leadership of their own development.

Once the individual or group work is done, the follow up starts.

The change will start to appear and we’ll be there with you.

Making sure is happening as intended and measuring results.

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A team of professionals that get down to the real points, that are able to work at different levels with the client, that question, that contribute, that give advice, that learn… to get to the building of the best Development program for your Company.

Sales Team Training and Development Director at Heineken Spain.

“From Intiva I’d remark the professionality on the organization of the offsite, their proximity, their capacity to integrate and drive the sessions. And their focus on achieving through the sessions real results which can be applied in the organization.

Director Division Banca Sopra-Steria.

Absolutely useful, productive and necessary. Very active and positive. Different from other programs.”

Management Committee Member at Santander Group Company

On top of professionalism and client service high standards. The feedback from the team was excellent.

Human Resources Director at Tetra Pak Central América and Caribbean.

The event fulfilled my expectations as Director and generated a great enthusiasm amongst participants.

Offshore Eolic project Director at Iberdrola France

Intiva has helped me, through a real time course, to improve my leadership capabilities in a very good environment on which I got to know more about my colleagues. This course gave me the opportunity to learn knowledge and tools which I’m already using in the day to day with my team. I’ve already noticed a significant improvement when facing daily situations as well as when managing my team: not only in terms of tasks but also helping me to understand how to motivate them and make them grow professionally putting the focus on what really matters. The follow up after the training is key to land the learnings having a real plan with high impact on my team. No doubt it meant a before and after in my career.

Global Head of Brand at Cabify.

Design the development of your leaders
and teams with our programs

– You will achieve results –


· Performance improvement sustainable over time. Success guaranteed.

· Increase success chances of new leaders and his speed of adjustment to the new or modified role.

· Resolve deficiencies in weaknesses.

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· Get all the team members working towards a common goal.

· Achieve mutual support and prevalence of team objective over individual objective.

· Improve communication making it frequent and transparent.

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· Improve individual and group results.

· Strengthen relationships.

· Generates savings by reducing the need of in person meetings.

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· Design the meeting in alignment with the desired results.

· Keep the focus managing the meeting dynamics.

· Make it fun with networking and team building

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Certified on several development methodologies

We deliver our programs
in spanish and english

NPS (net promoter score) after our interventions is very high


We’ve held executive jobs on big national and international companies

We know the universe of human and executive development in deep

We are Executive Advisor of IE Business School

We work with important spanish and international companies


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