Individual Development Process

“The potential a company has is limited by its leaders’ level of development”, Robert Anderson.

There are many situations in which an individual process may be the best development option:

  • In the case of a person with a great potential who the company is backing strongly.
  • When the hierarchy or relations make group action
    scarcely advisable.
  • When the manager sees an especially challenging
    situation ahead.
  • When a swift, deep change is expected.

How do we act? How we know it works.

Individual Intervention Model

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

For those who are willing to take a step further.

For our most ambitious clients, we have what you are looking for: a program with a success rate in charge of more than

0 %

The MGCC methodology, in which we are certified, is not suitable for the faint-hearted: it involves putting the client’s team at the center of its process.

It will be your colleagues, those who report to you and bosses who guide the process, stating what they need to change in their Leadership, and providing continuous feedback on their progress.

It requires braveness, humility and discipline…

But nothing valuable was ever easy.

To sum up:

  • The internationally most well renowned Individual Development program (150 of the
    Fortune 500 use it).
  • Duration from 8 to 12 months.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Impact throughout the whole organization, not only the participant.

They trust us

Successful case study for an MGSCC Process

Renewable Energy Sector

Market circumstances have made the organization, traditionally public sector oriented and highly focused on technical excellence, have to perform a turn about toward proactive search for clients.

The company contacted us to support the Business Development team in its transformation, in order to increase its performance and turn it into a spearhead for the whole organization.

What did we do?

Work along with the manager as well as the key stakeholders (team, companions and bosses) to understand what had to be improved and how to do so.

After a first intervention by the stakeholders, the coach alternated individual sessions with continuous feedback from them.

To sum up, we achieved the change by making the stakeholders become their own Coaches to the manager.


  • Prior interviews
  • Performing the 360
  • Accompaniment at team meetings
  • Individual sessions
  • Final questionnaire for the team

Any doubts?
Have a look at our FAQ

Achieving results is in our DNA. We practice executive development because we are convinced that it is the way to bring about real change. We shall discuss the context with you and reach
an agreement regarding the objectives that may REALLY be achieved. Our programs include accompaniment, which is one of the keys to achieve real change.

The first part of our programs is always for us to sit down with you, to analyze the situation and agree how the program is going to be. We are sure we have the experience to deal with very complicated cases, but first we talk, we propose solutions for you and you will decide if they are the adequate ones.

We understand you well because we have been in posts like yours. A larger sized company may provide you greater peace of mind, and on occasions it may even be a better solution if hundreds or thousands of interventions are required. On the other hand, nobody will offer you the level of dedication, experience and specialized knowledge that we bring to the table. Our guarantee is not from us, but rather from our long list of enthusiastic clients.

We do not like to call our courses interventions; we prefer to call them programs, and one of the reasons is because they include follow-up. The answer is yes. When the training is over is when the change begins and we want to be with you, to help you to implement the changes and monitor the result.

Change is not possible without investing time in it. When we analyze the situation you want to resolve, we will provide you a time estimate and you may decide whether it is the appropriate moment. You may adjust the objectives or wait for a better opportunity.

Shall we talk? Leave us your data and we will contact you.